Speech of the Director

I would like to welcome all of you – our current and potential clients in the public and private sectors, our subcontractors, suppliers, partners, friends , staff members and members of Petra family (Petra GRC). Our company is a result of a vision that is not merely execution of architectural projects, but also implementation of such projects as per the highest professional standards and work ethics.

The founders’ task has not been only keeping up with the architectural progress and execution of huge projects but also winning the trust of all the clients with whom we work and deal. We proceed with our partners in building the future and look forward to bigger successes and mutual investment.

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Based on sound management, efficient performance and all the financial and human resources, Petra Concrete Decorations Co. Amman, The Hashemiet Kingdom of Jordan formed successful partnerships with Saudi companies, such as Petra Decorations and Contracting Est. in Riyadh and Petra Decorations GRC, in Ras Al-Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates, forming thereby Petra GRC Group.

Through several agreements with national and international companies, membership of the British Concrete Construction Organization, appreciation letters from many local companies, test certification of GRC, the engineering and technical services in production, supply and erection techniques and the quality and safety of the final product, Petra GRC has become one of the leading companies in GRC field and is capable of undertaking the biggest projects in the region


Our Values

We strive to uphold the best values in our work and in the conduct of our staff in the projects and with our clients, which has been the key to our success.

  • We try to address all production problems and find quick and cost effective solutions.
  • We maintain open relationship with our staff, built on mutual confidence and respect. Staff members are provided with comfortable accommodation and benefits. Problems encountered by the staff are addressed immediately to reinforce feelings of belonging to the company.
  • We try to create trust between the company and our clients, which helps to expedite completion of the projects successfully.
  • We provide honest and truthful consultation to the clients when approaching the company and offer suitable solutions within our field.

Our Goal

In order to complete the tasks entrusted to Petra GRC and its partners, we strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Complete the GRC work with the best techniques and as per the highest international standards according to the timetable agreed upon with the clients, which include production, transportation and erection according to the shop drawings and international standards.
  • Communicate with the clients honestly, keeping in mind high quality above all aspects and follow up the projects through the system (Follow-up After-Sale) by specialized engineers.
  • Provide our clients with the best solutions that meet their architectural needs for the lowest prices.
  • Win the trust of engineering offices in Petra GRC Co. to implement architectural designs to the finest details and execute projects as designed with GRC materials.
  • Create new horizons to help in the architectural and economic progress which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and Arab states are seeing.
  • Petra GRC Co. strives and undertakes to executes the work of its clients as per the approved shop drawings and within a safe environment free from any hazards to human beings or the environment or losses during production, transportation and erection in the project sites.

Our Mission

We are proud of the accomplishment records in GRC made by our engineers, technicians and skilled laborers. We managed to achieve these goals through cooperation between the company’s staff and the clients. An atmosphere of trust and openness has encouraged these achievements, in addition to adoption of innovative ideas of engineering offices and clients. The ultimate goals have been lifting Petra GRC to the stratosphere of leading factories, meeting the ongoing challenges in the field and fulfilling our ambitions.

We stress our commitment toward our clients and offer them the best solutions and prices that meet their architectural needs. We try to keep up with the world markets in order to manufacture the best products. This has helped us earn the trust of all of our clients with whom we maintain an open door policy to contribute to the architectural progress witnessed by the region.

We, therefore, will continue to reinforce our position in the local, Gulf and Arab markets by using the most modern techniques in execution of our projects. We will also keep offering the after-sale services and continue cooperating with all concerned parties in the field.

Petra GRC

Our Vision

We in Petra GRC study all projects meticulously as per engineering standards. We strive to provide our clients with high quality products through improving the production techniques of our engineers and factory technicians. For the future, we also see the growth of the economic sectors in the region, which has given us the opportunity to set clear strategies and well-defined goals to work in the biggest projects. We hope to develop our investment as a leading company in our field so that we can occupy a high position among companies in the region. We would like to participate with others in the economic development and protect and develop our economic investments.


Our factory was built on a 2000 m2 land in Bader Industrial Zone, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The factory has been equipped with modern machinery and technology and uses the best materials to keep up with the industrial progress in the region. The factory was designed as per international standards and abides by safety regulations for protection of the staff and products. Petra GRC is a member of the British Concrete Construction Organization and has obtained lab certificates for all of its projects, which attest to the strength and safety of GRC during transportation and erection, in addition to thanks letters from many clients.

The factory’s production capacity is about 2400 tons per year, which can be increased if necessary. A new production line for Petra Artificial Stone has been introduced. The product is of the highest quality and can reach 63 000 m2 in order to meet the local market demand. In our factory, we strive to use the most modern technology in producing the best architectural designs for our clients.